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Bridgette McDonald, Roka’s owner and buyer, grew up in Chicago, where she developed a flair for fashion. Bridgette became knowledgeable with merchandising and managing while working for large retail chains. In 1996 she moved to Scottsdale, Arizona where she met her husband Steven and they married in 2003. Bridgette and Steven then moved to Glendale in the Northwest Valley. While living there she had noticed a lack of trendy boutiques.

In 2003 she opened her first boutique called B Shique. With only one hundred square feet she made a huge success filling the void for boutiques in the North Glendale. Being the very first women’s contemporary boutique she provided women with upscale fashions and accessories. She handpicks all of the clothing and accessories that are sold in the boutique.

In October of 2004 her business was increasing and she needed more space. She took over a suite next to B Shique by knocking out a wall to make it a total of two hundred thirty five square feet. Everybody was excited and new shipments were arriving daily. As business grew Bridgette and her husband found there was no place to shop for men. So they decided to open the very first men and women’s contemporary boutique in North Glendale.

November 2005 Roka opened its doors to a welcoming public and lots of press. Being a unique contemporary store with late 60’s early 70’s design everyone was in love. Spy globes strategically placed throughout the store, tufted lounge box chairs and an astonishing chandelier at the entrance of the store, make it the place to be. Giving off an urban loft appearance, Roka is like nothing Arizona has seen.

Roka carries the hottest contemporary lines in fashion and constantly has the freshest new looks of the season. Roka is a huge hit with both men and women making this the premier place to shop in the Northwest Valley of Glendale, Arizona.

Bridgette takes an active part in local and national charitable organizations such as Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Women’s Breast Cancer Society and the Shade Foundation for skin cancer.

Some words from Bridgette:
“I would like to thank you for taking the time to shop on shoproka.com. I know there are many choices when shopping online. I am happy that you have selected us and hope your online shopping experience is enjoyable. I work very hard to strive my boutiques on excellent customer service, so if there are any issues please contact us immediately so we can resolve the issue. If there are other brands or items you would like to see on our website please feel free to contact us. Finally, I would like to thank my family, customers and my staff who have supported my stores over the years.”


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